Where Can I Find a Doctors Excuse Note?

January 27, 2009 at 5:29 pm Leave a comment

Sometimes, your normal doctor isn’t going to give you a doctor excuse note so you can use a fake on instead. It’s easier to avoid getting written up at work. It’s a little easier to use a note that seems reliable. Think about what type of note your boss will want. Do you believe it appears like a real excuse?

What would make you believe a fake doctors excuse note is real? First make sure you can add stuff to your excuse. Be sure you put your details on the note, like your name and address. The note needs to show which day you skipped out on your job. Now you must determine what “ailment” to put down. It’s probably best to choose an ailment that is pretty common.

It’s best to not get too creative when you are considering your “ailment.” You may not want to put down that you broke your leg and then be stuck in a cast. You should also steer clear accidents like hang gliding or something like that. Use a medical condition on your fake doctors excuse note that most people have had before, like influenza. It’s best to not have to continue treatment for something that really isn’t there!

Want a awesome Doctor Excuse Note?


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There Are a Variety of Places to Locate a Fake Medical Excuse How Do I Get a Fake Doctors Excuse Note?

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