How Do I Get a Fake Doctors Excuse Note?

January 27, 2009 at 5:30 pm Leave a comment

Sometimes, your normal doctor isn’t going to give you a doctor excuse note so you can use a fake on instead. It’s easier to avoid getting written up at work. You’ll probably see how some of these excuses will work more easily than others. Make sure the note looks real. Does it have a doctor’s office or hospital name and also a physician’s signature?

Think about what you would require in a good fake doctors excuse note. Can you put your own information on the excuse? You must be able to add all of your own particulars to the form. Add the dates to it that you didn’t work. Now you must determine what “ailment” to put down. Avoid having your boss check into the reasons your missed work by using something generic.

Pick a disease that you can mimic easily. You may not want to put down that you broke your leg and then be stuck in a cast. Stay away from big grand stories and injuries. Use a medical condition on your fake doctors excuse note that most people have had before, like influenza. These things can usually go away in a day or two and leave no lasting effects.

Does your work ask for a award-winning Doctor Excuse Note?


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Where Can I Find a Doctors Excuse Note? More People Are Turning Towards Doctor Excuses for Time Off

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