There Are a Variety of Places to Locate a Fake Medical Excuse

January 22, 2009 at 4:45 pm Leave a comment

Does a day off sound like something you need, but your employer wouldn’t let you? You won’t be in the unemployement line when you take a day off and here’s how. You can stay at home and pretend you are sick by just giving your supervisor a fake medical excuse. It’s not that hard at all. You can see some of these excuses on the internet and find just the one to help you out.

You can find many websites giving away these fake doctor’s notes. Many of these excuses are available as a template that you can add your details to, such as your name and what “illness” you have. Several of the sites that are dedicated to these fake notes offer them without you needing to download them. You can get a unique fake medical excuse at some of the online businesses that specialize in custom work.

Want a authentic looking Fake Medical Excuse?

A fake medical excuse can easily be used to get one day off work or to be excused for a long term “recovery”. It depends on what you want. However, you might consider that longer periods off work usually require even more documentation. It’s possible to get many excuses if you need them. Many of the websites let you download as many as you need. You will have less of chance of getting found out if you don’t use the excuses very often.


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Where Is the Best Place to Find a Sample Doctor Excuse Note? Where Can I Find a Doctors Excuse Note?

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